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Validation: Fase0

Fase0 is what you need to validate your project. With our service you can land your project, working on the product design and performing validation experiments. All in one pack.

Lean canvas

Diseño de producto y análisis técnico

Product design and technical analysis

Lean canvas

Lean canvas

Branding and User Person

Landing page with collection funnel

Product design and technical analysis

Mockups and interactive prototype

Validación y captación de leads

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Product design

The technical and design team come together to establish a first version of your product, based on your idea and the results of Lean Canvas.

To do this, it will analyze the database that your mobile application or web would have and create the wireframes of your application, where it will also analyze usability from the beginning.

mockup de trazeo wireframe a bajo nivel

User Person

We focus on who will be the final user of your application or web and we make a user person. This will give us a lot of information about your user's consumption habits, the brands he prefers or the places he usually visits. You will also have information about your personality or key demographics.

This set of data will help you to know how to focus on the final consumer:

  •     What language to use in digital marketing campaigns.
  •     Where to go in these campaigns: how to segment your audience and where to locate it
  •     What kind of processes you can perform in the application that are easy to understand for them.
  •     When will he use the app or the web platform, or when you will not see it necessary.
user persona of a single mother

Land your idea

What functions are really necessary and how they will be developed.

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Quantify your MVP

How much it would cost to carry out a first development version.

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Know your user

How this app will focus on its end user.

What do you get with it?


If you still do not have a defined brand, we will help you create it from the naming. We will support you in choosing the name of your application and we will create an initial version of the logo.

All this will be defined in a small corporate identity document that includes information on the

color palette, typography and other design elements.


We will join all the above to create the design of your project. The result can be seen in the mockups of the main screens of your app. This design will help the developers to later implement your application and you can also see from the beginning how it will be.

Landing Page of User Recruitment

Next we will make a brief landing page that will serve to attract potential clients to your project, long before it is being developed!

In the landing page we will implement a small funnel that will allow us to measure the traffic and the conversion that this web page has.

example of funnel

Initial Visit

We quantify the visits that your landing has, parameterizing where this public comes from.


We measure the interest of your visitors in the landing when they interact with it, for example, by scrolling.

Key metrics

Final conversion

We take note of the moment in which your users have had enough interest to subscribe to your landing to have more information.

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With the landing and the defined funnel we can start experimenting and directing the traffic captured to your platform, performing A / B tests or different campaigns in social networks.

Thanks to this you can know exactly where your target is and when it has entered your website or how to capture it.

Fase0 has an estimated period of approximately 1 month. Usually we divide our service into several sprints:

  • Analysis Phase: We elaborate the lean canvas and analyze your project from the technical perspective and from the product design.
  • Corporate Design phase: We elaborate the design of your logo and also the user person.
  • Mockups and graphic design: We focus on the main views of your application or web.
  • Landing page: We design and develop your landing landing and integrate a funnel for the metrics.
  • Experimentation: We are dedicated to the capture of leads

Our service is customized and personalized. We also work with a policy of transparency and maximum agility. This is because we have a different DNA

Time and work formula

Validación de Guerrilla 

In our team we have a person specialized in agile methodologies and business logic that will take charge of the general strategy of your project from the beginning, with the lean canvas, up to the own capture of leads, providing unity and aligning the rest of the team .

Work team

Lead Validator

Product Designer

A person specializing in product design will also work on your project. It will also be responsible for carrying out the user experience design and the interface of your application or web platform.

In addition, the graphic design staff will take care of the branding part and create the style guide and the design of your app or website. This design layer will be made in consensus with the technical team, approaching the mockups as much as possible to the final design that will later have your application or web.

Technical Analyst

The team will have a developer or a person with a technical profile that will analyze the database and develop, together with the designer, the product design of your application, with the aim of creating a viable, agile and simple minimum product.

Growth Hacker Marketing

The person specialized in marketing will be in charge of looking for information to elaborate the user person and to direct the final experiments of capturing leads.

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I want to know more about Fase0

If you want to know more about our service Phase0 you can leave us your contact and we will send you a Dossier with all the details.

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